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"I refuse to live in a country like this and I'm not leaving."  Michael Moore said that. 


"Amen." I said that.  Norm Aulabaugh


Click HERE for my Christmas Letter to Paul and Janna Ryan.



And for a Happy New Year - here is my rant on foreign policy:


Italians begin the New Year by throwing all their old and broken crockery out into the streets.  I did the same with this web site.  After laboring for two days to produce a comprehensive statement on my world view to kick off the New Year, I have not produced an acceptable result.  Then I opened my January 16/23, 2017 copy of “The Nation.” Six contributors, had done my job eloquently in a feature article.  The titles, and links to each are found below. 


I am still reeling from the impact of the November election.  I fear the future.  But in retrospect, is it all bleak?  Perhaps it is time to make lemonade. 


Were the last eight years all that great?  Obama perpetuated “The War on Terror” and expanded it with drone warfare.  Obama rejected universal single payer health care; remember Baucus’s raucous caucus where five people were arrested at a Senate Finance Committee hearing on healthcare reform and charged with “disruption of Congress?”  Obama supported spending $1 trillion to “modernize” our nukes over the next ten years.  Our “excursion” into Libya was a disaster reminiscent of Bush’s adventures into Afghanistan and Iraq.  Syria is a tragedy we could have prevented, but instead perpetuated with a ridiculous policy insisting that Assad had to go and arming opposition factions that have only delayed the inevitable.  Armed with U.S. weapons, Saudi Arabia is making a mess in Yemen.  We supported a military coup takeover in Egypt.  Look over your shoulder and the scene is really pretty bleak.  Would it be any better with Hillary?  Hillary who thought going to war in Iraq was OK and that regime change in Libya would turn out just fine?  Hillary who shared one big bed with Wall Street?  Hillary who couldn’t defeat the likes of the sleaze ball Donald Trump?  There were good possibilities with Bernie Saunders, but that train left the station long ago. 


Obama had some successes.  The Iran nuclear deal was one.  I give Obama great applause for supporting the recent U.N. Security Council vote against Israeli settlements by voting to abstain.  Unfortunately, this was only a tactical jab at Trump; not a coherent foreign policy we should have been following for Obama’s eight years.


Crazy isn’t it that there is bipartisan support for an investigation into what Russia might have done by hacking into servers to influence the November elections?  Haven’t any of these people read the Church Committee Report? 


We need to move forward with a clear and defensible foreign policy. Maybe resetting relations with Russia, which Obama said he would do, but didn’t, may yield results.  Trump isn’t right on much, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. 


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